weekly meal plan # 24

Hey Y’all,

It’s finally getting warmer!!

I’m so excite to finally shed my winter coat

at least on some days.

If y’all try nothing else this week,

consider the rose latte, brunch pasta, blue beauty bowl, detroit dog,

or strawberry chocolate skillet cookie.

Yes, you read that right.


rose latte

brunch pasta

fish taco bowls

ancho chicken and rice

fudge cookies


blue beauty bowl

fish taco bowl

spring green pasta


coconut banana oats

chicken & rice

kimchi fried rice


blue beauty bowl

fried rice

detroit style coney dog


coconut banana oats

chickpea salad

cinnamon bolognese


blue beauty bowl

egg salad

high protein pizza

cinnamon crunch knots


cinnamon crunch knots

egg bowl

chickpea salad

scallops with spinach

strawberry chocolate chunk skillet cookie

flower power

Hey Y’all,

I’ve started thinking about what I want to do

for my birthday this month,

and it’s probably going to be a flower party.

This article talks about how they proved

waking up to flowers by your bed makes you happier.

I don’t have many in my yard,

but I’m going to forage what I can,

and order in a few lovelies

for me and a few friends to put together

into something to make us smile.

Sounds like a perfect girls night to me!

The Journey Begins

Hey Y’all,

I’m Manike Pipkin, a South Carolina transplant in the Utah Rockies.  I grew up the daughter of an alternative, inventive chiropractor.  As a result, I’ve had a lifelong education and interest in alternative health. I am fascinated and continue to search for ancient and innovative health. That’s what you’ll find here.  Be Healthy Start Now has been publishing to email for over a year, but now it’s available to the public.