weekly meal plan #28

Do you have something yummy planned for your moms tomorrow?

If not, I’ve got a few ideas.

I’m hoping to have a quiet day at church, outside,

and maybe watching a chick flick.


gf avo toast

steak and dutch oven potatoes

lemon chicken pasta salad

strawberry rhubarb flatbread


cherry almond granola

meditteranean farro salad

sweet potato black bean enchiladas


cherry strawberry fool

lemon chicken pasta salad

cobb salad


cherry almond granola

meditteranean farro salad

plucot buckwheat pancakes


cherry strawberry fool


asparagus mushroom risotto


cherry almond granola


cast iron pizza


banana split pancake bowl

kimchi chicken sliders

perfect date night meal

sleep babystep #4 STOP

Today’s baby step might be the hardest.

I inadvertently picked a Friday too.

When your Get ready for bed alarm goes off,

it’s time to stop.

Stop working, stop watching tv, stop dealing with kids.

When you tell them that you have to go to bed too,

they might start listening and go to sleep.

You do not have to work yourself into the ground

to prove your worth.

You deserve a better evening,

and a better way of life.

At 8 pm, most of us are going to be brain fried,

and not at our most creative.

We won’t be able to do good work.

And the housework?

That will still be there tomorrow.

You’ll hate it less if you’re not so tired.

You’ll work faster tomorrow if you sleep now.

And I love the meme that says,

After 8pm, the monster mommy comes out.

It’s so true.

Even though you may not be rich,

you can feel rich

by treating yourself well,

and creating a way of living that you enjoy.

sleep babystep #3 reminder

Setting a bedtime won’t help you

if you don’t remind yourself!

So far, we’ve been writing down

when we go to sleep.

We’ve figured out how much sleep we need.

And we’ve decided on a time to go to bed.

Now we’re going to make a system

to make it happen.

This has helped me so much!

Today’s baby step is to set 2 alarms.

I used my phone.

Set one alarm for 1 hour before your bed time every day.

You can label it Get ready for bed.

Now set another for 30 minutes before bed time every day.

Label this one Get in bed.

I did this because I like to take a few minutes to stop doing,

read, journal, talk with my partner and slow down.

Go ahead and do it right now!

It’ll only take 30 seconds!

Send me a reply saying alarms set.

And tonight, when they go off,

pay attention.

Start doing this tonight.

sleep babystep #2 bedtime

Today’s baby step is bedtime.

You probably went to bed later

than you’d wanted last night.

And you were probably tired today.

So think back to a day when you woke up rested.

How long had you slept?

That’s probably close to the same hours

you need every day.

So when do you have to get up every day?

I have to get up at 7 to get kids ready for school.

My body needs about 10 hours.

It seems like alot, but it’s usually interrupted.

That’s another goal.

All you need to do is count backwards

from your alarm time.


until you’ve gone back the same number of hours

of sleep you need.

This is when you should start sleeping.

It’s your bedtime.

Mine is 9pm.

Start getting comfortable with knowing yours.

Get over feeling like a kid.

Remember your goal is to feel rested,

and enjoy your day.

This will only take you a minute.

When you’ve figured yours out,

hit reply and tell me your bedtime.

Then tonight, write down what time you go to sleep again.

We’re going to keep doing this.

That’s it for today.

Sleep babysteps #1

I’m a little late writing this week

because I’ve been deep in thought

about what direction to go with this site.

I’ve decided to make it more personal.

For the last few months,

I’ve been going through therapy

and been focused on sleep.

I’ve tried to do a lot,

but I’m still struggling with sleep.

My guess is a lot of you do too.

Everyone I know personally admits to me they’re always tired.

I think it’s the simple things that are really the hardest.

So until the end of the month, we’re going to focus on sleep!

Together, we should be able to make a lot of progess by then.

I follow Flylady,

and I’m going to use her concept

of one babystep a day to help us.

Tonight, whenever you go to bed,

find a calendar, planner or notebook,

and write down the time

before you close your eyes.

That’s it!

Write down what time you go to sleep tonight.

how to prevent/recover from stomach flu

Yesterday I promised you 5 ways to prevent or recover

from the dreaded stomach flu.

Read closely!

Some of these will be new to you.

  1. Omega 3 for inflammation
  2. Vitamin D for natural antibiotic production
  3. Ginger bug for probiotics and stomach warmth
  4. Elderberry for vitamin C
  5. Sauerkraut for probiotics

Bonus: Neti Pot for clearing inflammation and immune system.

Which one of these do you want to start today?

Today is the last day for Omega +D,

so try it now if you want that.

Have you tried your hand at homemade cultured foods?

I’m always here to answer any questions you have

or coach you along your journey.

All you have to do is hit Reply!