#1 stomach flu advice wrong

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Even the best of us get sick.

It’s like a slice of humble pie.

And it makes you so grateful to feel well again.

I got caught off guard yesterday with a stomach flu bug.

All my kids had it already.

I thought the battle was over.

Ha!  It said.

The #1 stomach flu advice is to keep drinking.

Stay hydrated.

We’ve all been there.

Does it really make sense to keep drinking

when doing that only makes you vomit again?

I’ve always just avoided everything for a few hours.

I found I’m not the only one.

Sometimes a rest of several hours is needed

for the stomach muscles to stop their spasm pattern.

Then very gradually adding warm liquids with

small amounts of sugar and salt  is much easier.

I learned today it’s best to avoid

anything cold or raw

because they’re more taxing on the stomach.

So long ice water.

I found 5 more ways to recover faster

and prevent catching it.

I’ll send them tomorrow!

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