get reconnected

Are you the kind of person that lives in their head alot?

I know, because I am.

If life gets boring,

or isn’t going the way we want,

sometimes we just check out.

We’re not really there.

Our bodies are, but our minds aren’t.

This is bad for so many reasons.

You start living on autopilot.

You’re not making choices.

You don’t listen to your body

and wind up sick or overweight.

Or in a life you really don’t like.

Dancing is a way to connect mind and body.

You’re able to feel and release emotions

from the mind through the body

and rise above your situation differently.

That’s why I encourage dancing so much.

And few things will make you feel

more powerful than pole dancing,

even if no one ever sees you.

If you’ve ever secretly wanted to try it,

now’s your chance!

Don’t miss it.

Get your first lesson now.

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