sleep babystep #2 bedtime

Today’s baby step is bedtime.

You probably went to bed later

than you’d wanted last night.

And you were probably tired today.

So think back to a day when you woke up rested.

How long had you slept?

That’s probably close to the same hours

you need every day.

So when do you have to get up every day?

I have to get up at 7 to get kids ready for school.

My body needs about 10 hours.

It seems like alot, but it’s usually interrupted.

That’s another goal.

All you need to do is count backwards

from your alarm time.


until you’ve gone back the same number of hours

of sleep you need.

This is when you should start sleeping.

It’s your bedtime.

Mine is 9pm.

Start getting comfortable with knowing yours.

Get over feeling like a kid.

Remember your goal is to feel rested,

and enjoy your day.

This will only take you a minute.

When you’ve figured yours out,

hit reply and tell me your bedtime.

Then tonight, write down what time you go to sleep again.

We’re going to keep doing this.

That’s it for today.

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