sleep babystep #3 reminder

Setting a bedtime won’t help you

if you don’t remind yourself!

So far, we’ve been writing down

when we go to sleep.

We’ve figured out how much sleep we need.

And we’ve decided on a time to go to bed.

Now we’re going to make a system

to make it happen.

This has helped me so much!

Today’s baby step is to set 2 alarms.

I used my phone.

Set one alarm for 1 hour before your bed time every day.

You can label it Get ready for bed.

Now set another for 30 minutes before bed time every day.

Label this one Get in bed.

I did this because I like to take a few minutes to stop doing,

read, journal, talk with my partner and slow down.

Go ahead and do it right now!

It’ll only take 30 seconds!

Send me a reply saying alarms set.

And tonight, when they go off,

pay attention.

Start doing this tonight.

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