Sleep babysteps #1

I’m a little late writing this week

because I’ve been deep in thought

about what direction to go with this site.

I’ve decided to make it more personal.

For the last few months,

I’ve been going through therapy

and been focused on sleep.

I’ve tried to do a lot,

but I’m still struggling with sleep.

My guess is a lot of you do too.

Everyone I know personally admits to me they’re always tired.

I think it’s the simple things that are really the hardest.

So until the end of the month, we’re going to focus on sleep!

Together, we should be able to make a lot of progess by then.

I follow Flylady,

and I’m going to use her concept

of one babystep a day to help us.

Tonight, whenever you go to bed,

find a calendar, planner or notebook,

and write down the time

before you close your eyes.

That’s it!

Write down what time you go to sleep tonight.

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