sleep babystep #4 STOP

Today’s baby step might be the hardest.

I inadvertently picked a Friday too.

When your Get ready for bed alarm goes off,

it’s time to stop.

Stop working, stop watching tv, stop dealing with kids.

When you tell them that you have to go to bed too,

they might start listening and go to sleep.

You do not have to work yourself into the ground

to prove your worth.

You deserve a better evening,

and a better way of life.

At 8 pm, most of us are going to be brain fried,

and not at our most creative.

We won’t be able to do good work.

And the housework?

That will still be there tomorrow.

You’ll hate it less if you’re not so tired.

You’ll work faster tomorrow if you sleep now.

And I love the meme that says,

After 8pm, the monster mommy comes out.

It’s so true.

Even though you may not be rich,

you can feel rich

by treating yourself well,

and creating a way of living that you enjoy.

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