sleep babystep #9

Do you ever wake up at the exact same time

in the the middle of the night,

days in a row?

For me, it’s about 4am.

It’s not by accident.

Different organs have do their jobs at different times during the night.

If you’re waking, it’s a sign that an organ is having trouble.

3-5 am is the lungs.

They are repairing and expelling toxins through mucus.

If it’s too much, you can’t breathe well,

and you wake up.

I wake up feeling congested and coughing.

The solution is to reduce toxins in your diet or environment,

and reduce mucus.

Eating less animal products

and eating more vegan will do this!

Start with making one meal a day vegan.

You can do this!

It’s easy to change one.

My lungs are feeling better already.

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