Fall Date Bucket List

When I wrote a fall bucket list a month ago,

one of the items was to do 12 dates this season.

Or one per week.

I just finished picking what to do,

thanks to 300 Creative Dates.

Here’s my very unique list

  1. Name that tune-with rewards
  2. Pick & press a leaf every year
  3. Comfy star gazing
  4. Motorcycle picnic with candles
  5. Carve our names into a pumpkin
  6. Camp in a new spot
  7. Popup cafe
  8. Dinner-can only feed other person
  9. Surprise leaf gazing road trip
  10. Points are minutes card night
  11. Bed & Breakfast
  12. Jacuzzi, cheese, crackers, fruit & bubbles

If you want more details for these, or more ideas,

300 Creative Dates is waiting.

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