fall friend dates

I’ve got more fun ideas to do with friends besides just watching a movie.

They make good dates too!  Have fun!

25 Fall Friend Dates

  1. Bring them soup if they fall sick or just because.
  2. Share your fall bounty
  3. Make them a gift
  4. Make fall decor together
  5. Fall popcorn
  6. Leaf craft
  7. Hay ride
  8. Apple picking
  9. Reading date
  10. Bonfire & s’mores
  11. Manicure
  12. Knit them something
  13. Candy/ caramel apples
  14. Buy them something off their fall wishlist
  15. Find/do pumpkins
  16. Apple/pumpkin recipe
  17. Play tourist somewhere
  18. Go to an event or concert together
  19. Go somewhere new you both want to see.
  20. Watch a movie in a blanket fort shoulder to shoulder
  21. Have a sleepover or go camping
  22. Give each other a makeover!
  23. Help each other plant a fall garden
  24. Watch scary movies
  25. Start a fall garden

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