mental health days

I had so much fun with my family the last two weeks.

It didn’t leave me alot of time to write.

I’ve got a few new insights though.

I have been overwhelmed lately.

I have alot of obligations and goals.

Sometimes it gets to you.

Last night, I did a dream house meditation.

Part of that was imagining what I would do in it.

How my day would start.

I decided to make that happen today.

I made myself some tea, grabbed some food,

and headed up the mountain for some quiet time.

I didn’t come back til 1pm.

I came back with more desire to work meaningfully

and make my real house a little more like my dream house.

I also came back wondering if it’s really necessary,

and maybe even harmful, to force myself to work at things

when I really don’t want to.

It slowed me down. I really needed that.

So here’s a weekend challenge.

Take a little time to do absolutely nothing outside.

Connecting with nature certainly calms the soul.

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