weekly meal plan #50

Do you love Trader Joes?

Did you love the book Effortless Healing?

This week is my attempt to combine those two.

Most of these recipes are paleo.

Have fun cooking and eating a little healthier!


pumpkin cream cheese on bagels

butternut mac & cheese

chicken tikka masala

spiced apple cider

paleo caramel chocolate mug cake


paleo apple cider donuts

cheesy spaghetti squash casserole

yellow curry


pumpkin spiced latte

caramel apple parfait

fall harvest soup

pumpkin alfredo


salted caramel hot cocoa

apple cinnamon granola

egg roll in a bowl

buffalo chicken & brussels sprouts


pumpkin bread

sweet potato chicken poppers

beef and broccoli

pumpkin ice cream


paleo poptarts

balance bowl


pumpkin cheesecake


pumpkin spice granola

lemon butter chicken

pumpkin pasta sauce over spaghetti squash

paleo caramel apple pie bars

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