out of overwhelm

I woke up with a streak of inspiration

at 6:30 this morning.

Who ever said you can only muscle test supplements?

No one.

If I want to know what to do for my body,

I can ask it.

I wrote down a big list of things to do.

I muscle tested them.

I asked what time.

It sounds crazy, but it seems to be working.

I’m not so stressed and worried and overwhelmed.

What I do feel is guided, purposeful, focused, on track.

Essentially, I feel I’m doing the right thing for this moment.

It feels like flow.

Are you going to try it?

Just say stick for yes, no stick for no.

Snap your fingers slow.

Then ask a yes or no question.

To ask the time, say:

Should I do this at __? 7, 8,9, Monday, etc

or should I do ___ first?

It can be said in your head or out loud.

It works either way.

Prioritize with confidence!

day light savings

How are you adjusting to Daylight savings time?

I’ve got a suggestion..


It’s not a bad thing to be sleepy earlier,

or wake up sooner.

That’s probably exactly what you’ve been trying to do.

Go with it!  

So tonight, stop working, undress, and climb in bed when you start to feel tired.

You’ll wake up feeling rested and amazing!

spring water

All our talk about structured water

probably makes you want some.

Spring water  is definitely the best,

but adds up in cost if you’re buying it.

How do you get it for free?

You find your own.

I’m sharing this tool today.

It’ll make the job easier for you.

All you have to do is search your location online.

Another way is to ask a longtime local

or member of the local forest service.

Who’s ready for a nature outing?

weekly meal plan #50

Do you love Trader Joes?

Did you love the book Effortless Healing?

This week is my attempt to combine those two.

Most of these recipes are paleo.

Have fun cooking and eating a little healthier!


pumpkin cream cheese on bagels

butternut mac & cheese

chicken tikka masala

spiced apple cider

paleo caramel chocolate mug cake


paleo apple cider donuts

cheesy spaghetti squash casserole

yellow curry


pumpkin spiced latte

caramel apple parfait

fall harvest soup

pumpkin alfredo


salted caramel hot cocoa

apple cinnamon granola

egg roll in a bowl

buffalo chicken & brussels sprouts


pumpkin bread

sweet potato chicken poppers

beef and broccoli

pumpkin ice cream


paleo poptarts

balance bowl


pumpkin cheesecake


pumpkin spice granola

lemon butter chicken

pumpkin pasta sauce over spaghetti squash

paleo caramel apple pie bars

weekly meal plan # 49

Are y’all ready for Halloween this week?

There’s some spooky food planned for Wednesday!

I’ll be travelling half the week,

but I’ll enjoy cooking at home while I can.


apple tea latte

breakfast casserole

smoky lentil stew

butternut lasagna


pumpkin oat scones

bahn mi

pumpkin carbonara


paleo pumpkin spice oatmeal

red pepper zucchini salad

cherry pork


blood and greens smoothie

ultimate autumn salad

ribeye sliders with red onion jam

crockpot mulled apple cider


pumpkin pie overnight oats

kale pepita pesto pasta

apple cider chicken

green bean pepper casserole


breakfast polenta

baked tomatoes and cheese

pumpkin spiced chocolate cookies


pumpkin protein waffles

vegan sausage kale squash pasta bake

lamb kofte

mental health days

I had so much fun with my family the last two weeks.

It didn’t leave me alot of time to write.

I’ve got a few new insights though.

I have been overwhelmed lately.

I have alot of obligations and goals.

Sometimes it gets to you.

Last night, I did a dream house meditation.

Part of that was imagining what I would do in it.

How my day would start.

I decided to make that happen today.

I made myself some tea, grabbed some food,

and headed up the mountain for some quiet time.

I didn’t come back til 1pm.

I came back with more desire to work meaningfully

and make my real house a little more like my dream house.

I also came back wondering if it’s really necessary,

and maybe even harmful, to force myself to work at things

when I really don’t want to.

It slowed me down. I really needed that.

So here’s a weekend challenge.

Take a little time to do absolutely nothing outside.

Connecting with nature certainly calms the soul.