what the heck is structured water

I’ve been doing alot of reading this month,

Have you ever heard of structured water?

I hadn’t.

Instead of being H20, it’s actually H3O2

It’s the same water that’s in our cells.

It hold and delivers energy better.

Here’s where you get it:

filtered 39 degree water

raw & juiced veggies

spring water

vortexed water

I just put some filtered water in glass jars in the fridge.

For an even easier way, chill spring water.

What can you do today to make your water better?

weekly meal plan #48

I have seen snow twice since last Saturday!

I finally have a sunny day after weeks of gray,

and we had fun taking my parents up on the mountain.

We collected leaves, made a snowman,

and went sledding all on the same day.

We also had a snowball fight.

It was so much fun.

I was so tired when we got back,

but after a siesta, I made this menu for you.


pumpkin pancakes

roasted asparagus sweet potato salad

pumpkin veggie burgers

pumpkin spice caramel apples


chai latte oatmeal

roasted squash broccoli kale salad

halloumi pasta bake


nutella granola bars

red lentil dahl

instant pot lemon chicken rice


breakfast stuffed sweet potato

instant pot stuffed pepper soup

butternut squash fettuccine


chai pecan granola

pumpkin quesadillas

chicken noodles casserole


pumpkin pie baked oatmeal

pear walnut salad

onion butternut kale pizza

paleo pumpkin brownies


vegan pumpkin spice donuts

bahn mi noodle bowl

char siu

roasted carrots salad

hygge fall

I missed a few days this week because I needed to work through some emotional issues. It took some time. I’ve also had the pleasant surprise of having family come to visit. This actually demonstrates what I wanted to talk about today.


The real hygge doesn’t have a certain look or style.

It’s very practical.

The point is to create a good bit of life for yourself in this moment.

How can you do that right now?

Can you forget your to do list for an hour? A day? A week?

Who is around you that you can create memories with?

How can you turn something you dread into something pleasurable?

What makes you truly happy?

How can you be happy right now?

These are the kinds of questions that will lead you to your hygge.

weekly meal plan #47

It’s time for warm comfort food,

soups, and stews.

But that doesn’t mean less veggies..

quite the contrary!

Are you curious about the pizza?


roasted beet lassi

roasted sweet potato salad

butternut carbonara

pumpkin bread rolls


pistachio muffins

beetroot goat cheese salad

brown butter mushroom pasta


turmeric ginger apple smoothie

apple carrot soup

sheetpan sausage purple cabbage


blueberry blast

lentil stew

chicken paprikash


berry porridge

chicken mango salad

vegan mushroom bourguignon


coconut quinoa

brussels sprouts apple pizza

bruschetta arugula pizza


sweet potato breakfast bake

shrimp snow pea stir fry

paleo butter chicken