It’s almost over..

Hey Y’all,

Only 2 more days

of summer vacation left!

School starts Thursday.

Are you ready?

For the drop offs,

pick ups, sports,

play dates,

early mornings,

and hectic evenings?

What’s your plan to keep up

and on top of it all?

That’s what I thought.

What if you had an energy source

that unlocked your body’s own powerhouse?

That’s what Nerf1 Protandim does.

You’ll feel the change in just a few days,

maybe even sooner.

You’ll feel energetic & clear headed

while needing less sleep than you used to.

It’s your turn to do some back to school shopping.

Have fun and feel better,

Manike Pipkin

weekly meal plan #38

the good things

Hey Y’all,


Today I’ll tell you

what is good

on the mucusless diet.

It’s more than I thought!


Whole, raw, live foods



Whole grains



Small amounts of fresh fish

& chemical free chicken


Have fun and feel better,

Manike Pipkin

weekly meal plan #30

How’s your holiday weekend starting out?

Great, I hope!

I’m currently in the middle of red rocks,

but the power of scheduling let’s me share today.


protein waffles

strawberry pecan salad

chicken shawarma salad


acai bowl

orange salad

cauliflower curry


blueberry rose yogurt

strawberry pasta salad

fiesta lime shrimp salad


acai bowl

orange salad

chicken enchilada bake


blueberry rose yogurt

strawberry pasta salad

pesto farmers market salad


acai bowl

orange salad

grilled sausage apple pizza


pimento cheese grits

strawberry pecan salad

shrimp scampi foil packets

I’ve got to run!

Have a great weekend.

weekly meal plan #29 vegan

I really want to breathe better and sleep all night,

so I am focusing on eating vegan this week.

I was wonderfully surprised by all the food I can make!

I can’t wait!

What do you think?


blueberry scones

black bean wrap

creamy tomato pasta

berry bars


avo refried toast

lentil sweet potato salad

peanut broccoli bowl


peanut butter chocolate shake

mexican bowls

quinoa vegetable soup


avo refried toast

lentil sweet potato salad

quinoa tacos


peanut butter chocolate shake

mexican bowls

sweet potato korma


banana nut toast

raw pad thai

roasted cauliflower bbq pizza




ranch pasta salad

white mac & cheese

no bake unicorn cookies!

sleep babystep #15

Do worries keep you up at night?

Prioritize them!

Do whatever you have to do to solve

and eliminate them.

Work hard during the day

so you can sleep well at night

with your mind at ease.

And so ends our sleep babysteps series!

I hope this has been super helpful.

What steps have changed your life the most?

sleep babystep #14

For the first time in my life,

I recently started snoring on a regular basis.

It was keeping my husband up.

He actually took video of me

and sent it to me in the morning to prove it!

(I didn’t believe him.)

I didn’t know what to do,

but accidentally found a quick fix!


I use a humidifier/vaporizer occasionally to prevent dry, sore throats,

but I’ve been informed it cures snoring as well.

Now, there may still be another reason,

but this simple solution is worth a try!

Bonus if you use relaxing oils or eucalyptus.

Pine needle is my favorite.