#1 stomach flu advice wrong

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Even the best of us get sick.

It’s like a slice of humble pie.

And it makes you so grateful to feel well again.

I got caught off guard yesterday with a stomach flu bug.

All my kids had it already.

I thought the battle was over.

Ha!  It said.

The #1 stomach flu advice is to keep drinking.

Stay hydrated.

We’ve all been there.

Does it really make sense to keep drinking

when doing that only makes you vomit again?

I’ve always just avoided everything for a few hours.

I found I’m not the only one.

Sometimes a rest of several hours is needed

for the stomach muscles to stop their spasm pattern.

Then very gradually adding warm liquids with

small amounts of sugar and salt  is much easier.

I learned today it’s best to avoid

anything cold or raw

because they’re more taxing on the stomach.

So long ice water.

I found 5 more ways to recover faster

and prevent catching it.

I’ll send them tomorrow!

do you pray?

So do you?

I have never read a book like Judgement Detox before.

Gabrielle Bernstein is not a preacher,

but she speaks openly to all of the world about praying.

She advocates it as a way to strengthen ourselves,

and be willing to see the truth.

Her first instructions are

be willing to see your judgement without judgement.

One way to start this is to pray for help doing this.

Then make a list of the first 15 judgements you can think of.

Accept them.

For now.

I’ll give you the next step soon.

weekly meal plan #27

We’ve got a birthday,

the Kentucky Derby,

and Cinco de Mayo  this week!

Also lots of healthy eating.

Meal prep as much as you can to make life easier.


mexican breakfast bowl

honey brulee brie

beet ravioli


coconut yogurt & cocoa granola

mushrooms & toast

bbq black bean burgers


zucchini muffins

parm kale salad

teriyaki meatballs


coconut yogurt & cocoa granola

mushrooms & toast

quinoa risotto


zucchini muffins

parm kale salad

jerk chicken


coconut yogurt & cocoa granola

mushrooms & toast

hot honey goat cheese pepperoni pizza


roasted pear pancakes

kentucky hot brown sliders

shrimp fajitas

are you too nice?

Do you hate that you’re too nice?

In the way that you rarely get what you need,

while you see to it

that those around you are very happy?

Save some time to read this book then.

Not nice.

It teaches how to be bolder, expressive and authentic.

How to set boundaries, say no

and ask for what you need and want.

How can you say no to that?

I bet you need help with one of these

Did you know Omega 3 fats help your:




Immune system



Skin & hair

Fertility & pregnancy

Weight loss

Yeah, I didn’t know either.

Of course the negative items on this list mean they are reduced by Omega 3s.

The only question left is are you getting enough?

Seafood and pastured meats can be really expensive.

This is a time when a supplement is much easier and cheaper.

This Omega+D is the best you’ll find.